What is your fee structure?

Tavistock Relationships is a not-for-profit training institution specialising in couple therapy and psychoanalytic practice.

We are highly trained and experienced practitioners in couple and individual therapy and use a range of methods to support our clients. Some of our services are provided by therapists in advanced training under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced clinician. We operate a low-fee/no-fee service for those who would not otherwise be able to access services.

We set fees for priced services across three categories:



Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is an in-depth assessment of your needs, undertaken by a highly trained therapist. We find that clients gain a lot of benefit from this work, even when they do not go on to undertake ongoing therapy sessions with us. Our initial consultation appointments cost £100- 120 and payment is made at the point of booking.

If your schedule changes and you are unable to attend your booked appointment and provide us with seven days' notice of this, we can transfer your payment to a new appointment slot.

Accessing support where cost is a barrier

For people unable to afford the cost of an initial consultation, we offer reduced fee consultation appointments. Please select ‘Reduced Fee Assessment’ when browsing the booking calendar to identify these appointments.

Ongoing work

In many circumstances, work with clients will continue beyond a 12-month period. Where this is the case, an inflation related price adjustment may be made.

Due to the ongoing nature of the work, to ensure the work can continue, when necessary, we can discuss the fee with you to ensure you remain able to meet the agreed fee level or reach an agreement to adjust the fee in line with changes in your circumstances.

Cancellations and Therapist Holidays

Because your therapy is a regular weekly session which is reserved just for you, we will charge you if you miss or cancel a session. If the therapist cancels a session for any reason, you will not be charged.

The therapist will give you advance notice of any upcoming breaks or holidays they are taking, which for the most part you should expect will be at Christmas, Easter and during the summer period.


For UK based clients, we offer a number of payment options to suit our clients:

· Weekly Invoicing- each week an invoice will be sent to you on the day of your appointment. Payment is due immediately upon receipt.

· Monthly invoicing- you will be invoiced at the start of each calendar month for all appointments scheduled that month. Payment is due by the 15th of each month.

For international clients we require direct debit agreements to be in place authorising us to make a charge against your nominated account for the invoiced amounts.