What is your fee structure?


Tavistock Relationships is a charity, aiming to provide therapeutic help for people whatever their income. There is no minimum fee for our services, though there is a maximum fee of £180 for ongoing sessions. Your fee will be discussed with you by the therapist at your initial appointment. Our intention is to work out a fee which takes into account your capacity to pay and your wider circumstances. We suggest as a starting point for thinking about this, a calculation of £2 per £1000 of shared gross income – so, for example, a couple who together earn £40 000 would pay approximately £80 per week. However, this is only a guide and financial constraints should not stop you from accessing our services.

We will usually ask you to pay a higher fee for your initial appointment than the fee you agree for your ongoing sessions, reflecting the longer time we spend at this point in order to make sure you get the help that you need. There is no minimum fee for this initial appointment and the maximum fee is £200.
The deposit you have paid in advance of your initial appointment will be deducted from the total fee you agree for the appointment.
Please note that deposits for initial assessment appointments are non- refundable in the event you are no longer able to attend your booked consultation

Cancellations and Therapist Holidays

Because your therapy is a regular weekly session which is reserved just for you, we have to charge if you miss or cancel a session. If the therapist cancels a session for any reason, of course you are not charged. The therapist will give you advance notice of any upcoming breaks or holidays they are taking, which for the most part you should expect will be at Christmas, Easter and during the summer period.


You will asked to pay a one-off deposit of £50. This will be taken off your first session payment. If you cannot afford to pay the £50 deposit for your first session and would need a subsidised rate, then please telephone us to let us know. We endeavour to help everyone, as far as we are able to, whatever their financial circumstances.
Please note; deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.