What is your fee structure?

  •  We are a charitable, not-for-profit organisation working to ensure that the highest quality psychotherapy is available to the widest range of people.

  • The fee for ongoing therapy will be agreed at your initial consultation. We aim, as far as we can, to take into account individual circumstances – so that everyone including those on low incomes can access our services.

  • Tavistock Relationships is a centre of excellence, with a national and international reputation as leaders in our field. Our standard fee reflects this at £100 for therapy. Those on higher incomes may pay between £120-£180 per session and, in doing so, they make a contribution which enables us to extend our offer to those on low incomes, at subsidised rates. All payments over £100 per session are eligible for gift aid – so that this proportion of your payment is tax deductible.

  • If you are on a lower income and would need a subsidised fee, but are likely to be able to pay somewhere between £50-£100 per session, then please book online and discuss this with the therapist at your initial consultation.

  • Please note, there is a £50 minimum fee for initial consultations, which is payable as a deposit at the point of booking your first appointment.

  • If you cannot afford to pay the £50 fee for your first session and would need a subsidised service, then please telephone us to let us know. We endeavour to help everyone, as far as we are able to, whatever their financial circumstances.