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International Couples Therapy

Our international service makes our expert relationship counselling
easily accessible to a wider audience

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Helping relationships across the world - expert couples therapy

We are an internationally renowned centre for the development of clinical practice in the field of couple psychotherapy

Our international online service aims to make our expertise in the field of relationship therapy easily accessible to couples and individuals where one or both partners is domiciled outside the United Kingdom.

Our highly trained therapists are experienced with working with clients from across the globe including Europe, Africa, Asia and UAE.  

You can find out more about our international service or Book relationship therapy using the form below.

Over the past 70 years this forward thinking institution has done more to pioneer the field of couple and family mental health than any other in the UK or arguably the world.

Professor Brett Kahr, International Author, Psychotherapist

What' s unique about our counselling & psychotherapy?

Our core therapeutic model has been developed over more than 70 years. It combines professional expertise and in-depth theoretical knowledge with research and the training of therapists and is described in the video here.

A number of innovative psychotherapy approaches has stemmed from this core method. These approaches help with a range of relationship difficulties, psychosexual problems, parenting issues, separation and divorce, and are applied to other specialised programmes. 

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Why choose Tavistock Relationships for relationship counselling and psychotherapy?

For 70 years we've led the field in training and delivery for couples and families. Quite simply, few institutions can match our expertise and experience.

Our international therapy service is delivered by a team of highly experienced therapists who have undertaken additional specialist training in this area.  

Our clients have come from a large list of countries all across the world, from The Netherlands to Nigeria, Singapore to South Africa.

Our training and way of working - 'The Tavistock Method' - is famed in the psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic world.

Our therapists

We offer leading practitioners in their field with extensive experience of working with international clients.

Doctor Pierre Cachia

Dr Pierre Cachia, Head of Online Therapy

Dr Pierre Cachia first joined Tavistock Relationships in 2007 as a trainee on the MA in couple psychotherapy and subsequently undertook doctoral research in the field. Since 2013 he has formed part of the clinical leadership while retaining an active role in training. Over the past seven years he has led the setting up of the Online Couple Psychotherapy Service which he currently heads and supervisees. He is a qualified individual psychotherapist, counselling psychologist, psychoanalytic couple psychotherapist and clinical supervisor.  He has contributed to our online CPD training courses with 'Facilitating the Therapeutic Connection in Online Therapy - The Four Domains' and 'Online Therapy: How to Make the Transition to Working Online, and How to Develop Good Practice'.

How does it work?

Our work with you starts with an initial consultation with a counsellor or psychotherapist.

You can choose to attend with your partner or alone. At this session you’ll have the chance to talk through any concerns and ask any questions about how the counselling process works.

People generally find this initial consultation very helpful.

If you then want to take things forward we’ll agree a time that works, with sessions delivered on a weekly basis. You can read more about the counselling process here.

Please be aware

Clients will need to share information such as whether they have children and certain local medical details. All information is dealt with in confidence and with maximum security.

Success stories

I would recommend marriage counselling to any couple. Our treatment was incredibly helpful for our marriage now, and preparing us for the future together. Thank you.

“It’s a privilege to work in a field where it feels like you can make a difference to an important aspect of people’s lives.”

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How much does it cost?

What is your fee structure?

Tavistock Relationships is a not-for-profit training institution specialising in couple therapy and psychoanalytic practice.

We are highly trained and experienced practitioners in couple and individual therapy and use a range of methods to support our clients. Some of our services are provided by therapists in advanced training under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced clinician.

Our international rates are £180 per session.

Does couple therapy work?

We know that couple therapy works; evidence proves it.

A few years ago, we published the largest ever study of couple therapy for adults, showing that it is highly effective at improving relationships and reducing individual psychological distress. You can read more here.

What’s the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?

At Tavistock Relationships we work with you in your initial appointment to find the help that is right for you, but in case you are wondering here are two simple definitions

Psychotherapy delivered by a psychotherapist – A term given to anyone who treats psychological distress through some kind of non-medicine therapy. They don’t have to be psychiatrists or psychologists and often have done long, thorough trainings as at Tavistock Relationships, meeting professional standards. Psychotherapists are often interested in looking deeply into the background of the clients, in order to understand more about how this may be affecting their current problems.

Counselling provided by a counsellor – A title given to anyone who treats emotional or life distress through some kind of non-medicine talking treatment. They tend to be lighter-touch in their approach than psychotherapists, looking at the present issues, and their training tends to be shorter. Anyone can call themself a “counsellor” but Tavistock Relationships has a particular definition, and training that meets specific Professional Body standards.

How to book an appointment

The easiest way to book an appointment is online, here or call us on +44 (0)207 380 1960

You can also check out our frequently-asked questions, which cover most of the common things we’re asked.