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    Online Affairs

    This section provides research-informed information and support for individuals, couples and those in relationships with information and support if you are having, or are worried about a partner having, an online affair.

About Online Affairs

This is part of the larger Online Affairs website which provides free articles for members of the public impacted by internet infidelity, as well as therapists working with those who have experienced, or are experiencing, online affairs.

Working in collaboration with The Open University, Tavistock Relationships presents a number of short articles on the subject of online affairs. Here we answer questions as to what consitutes an online affair and also suggest possible solutions to help if yourself in such a situation. It is broken down into the following questions:

Am I cheating online?

Is my partner cheating online?

How do I get help?

Helpful resources and links

If you think that talking to a professional might help with any concerns you have about online affairs, see the ‘counselling for online cheating’ resource.

The following links provide further information about online affairs. This information is from sites that we believe are credible - such as the sites of the organisations that have collaborated to create this site.

Content from members of the Relationship Alliance:

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