What People Say

happy couple

As part of our commitment to evaluating the effectiveness of our services, we ask all clients to fill out routine questionnaires, looking at emotional wellbeing and relationship satisfaction,

Feedback gathered from our Experience of Service questionnaire since 2013 shows that clients who come to us are pleased with the service they receive and that the majority of people find their relationship and wellbeing improves.

94% felt that the therapy had improved their understanding of their partner.

"I felt I was going around in circles with my partner and now I feel like we are moving forward.  I feel acknowledged and heard due to having another person with us during challenging discussions.

92% felt that the therapy had improved their understanding of themselves.

"Although my husband was at first reluctant to attend, he now recommends that all his friends should go!  Really, really pleased with the outcome.  I learned a lot about myself."

90% of clients said that they would recommend our service to others.

"I would like to thank Tavistock Relationships for helping us during a challenging time in our lives.  The quality therapy we have received from our counsellor has enabled us to grow and we have found the experience to be invaluable."

"The experience has been so valuable, I am very grateful to our therapist – We are so much more positive about our future!  Thank you."

Carrie & Shawn’s Story

Carrie registered online for an appointment the morning after Shawn told her he was having an affair. She had been worried for some time that something was wrong and when she confronted him and said that she was fed up of him being so difficult and angry, he confessed he was seeing another woman.

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